Processing version: 3.0.1, Libraries: video, Tools: Movie Maker

What it does

This sketch uses a camera to take and save a picture every selected interval. Then you use Movie Maker to create a time lapse video from the pictures. It can be used to film a 3D-print, building stuff or something else you want to view faster.

How to use it

Connect the webcam (if external), open the processing sketch and run it. If a camera is available you see the selection view. If you see: "No cameras available!" close the app, check your camera and try again.

Select the camera/mode you want. Then you get to the camera-view view. The default window size is for 720p. You can resize the window.

Select an interval. 1 gives you 24-30 x speed depending on the framerate you will choose in Movie Maker. 2 gives 48-60x speed and so on. Click the record-button - film stuff - click the record button again to stop - close the app.
In the processing IDE go to Tools -> Movie Maker.

Select the folder in which the images are. If you don't know you can go to Sketch -> Show Sketch Folder in the IDE. In the subdirectory "frames" the images are located. Select a framerate - Create movie. !Important for next use!: Delete the frames folder or all images within it.

The code