Design-programs and tools I use / have tried


Versatile program to create objects, graphics (rendered images of 3D scenes) and animations. Not easy to learn, but very powerful. Example: Vikings logo 3D


Create objects with scripts. Variables, functions and modules make exact control over objects possible. Well suited for technical designs, not for organic structures. Example: Heightmap puzzle


with Inkscape to OpenSCAD converter

Inscape is a program to create SVG-graphics. With the plugin complex shapes can be exported to OpenSCAD and processed further there. Example: rune stones


Easy to learn CAD-program. Basic-shapes are arranged, combined and blended.


Easy to use. Basic-shapes are arranged, combined, blended and treated like virtual clay. Well suited for organic designs. Example: German Shepherd bust


Sculpt with virtual clay.


Repair objects automatically.

Repetier with Slicer

To slice and print. Even if you don't print yourself, it's good to check the printability of your design.